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Fort Air Reflex Jacket

£48.29 +VAT
  • This is the waterproof safety jacket that has everything going for it: international ratings for visibility as well as for water-resistance and breathability.
  • If your team have to be out on the highways facing traffic and rain, this is what they should be wearing ? a jacket that’s proven to be safe, dry, and comfortable..
  • Fort Air Reflex Trouser

    £30.69 +VAT
  • A team that wears Air Reflex Jackets should also be wearing Air Reflex Trousers.
  • The two garments have identical international ratings for visibility and water-resistant breathability.
  • Jacket and over-trousers go together to provide maximum visibility and head-to-toe protection against the weather..
  • Fort Airflex Trouser

    £19.69 +VAT
    Black Green Navy Blue+1Show more
  • These are the rain-proof, breathable over-trousers to match the comfort and protection of your Airflex Jacket.
  • They give you the same weatherproof rating and the same tear-resistant For-Tex fabric.
  • Pull them on when the rain starts, popper the hems tight and you’ll stay dry for the rest of the day..
  • Fort Airflex Bib & Brace

    £28.49 +VAT
    Green Navy Blue
  • There’s only one Bib’n’Brace that keeps you dry and sweat-free when you’re hosing down the yard or the milking parlour.
  • Clip on your Airflex Bib’n’Brace and you get water-resistant breathability to international standards.
  • Easily adjustable straps for a comfortable fit, and a generous pouch pocket at the front..
  • Fort Airflex Jacket

    £32.89 +VAT
    Black Green Navy Blue+1Show more
  • For the finest wet-weather comfort and protection, choose this jacket.
  • The material has been tested to independent standards, so you know it’ll keep the rain out and won’t fog on the inside.
  • To match that spec, we added a concealed hood, flapped waterproof pockets and an adjustable hem and sleeves..
  • Fort Airflex Leggings

    £14.19 +VAT
  • Sometimes water comes from below, not above ? from wet undergrowth, rain-soaked grass and muddy livestock.
  • That’s when you need these leggings.
  • Step inside and clip the loops over your belt for instant weatherproofing.
  • The easiest way to keep your trousers clean and dry..
  • Fort Bib & Brace Overall

    £21.89 +VAT
    White Navy Blue
  • The painter’s Bib’n’Brace is a timeless classic ? the traditional badge of professionalism no painter or decorator should be without.
  • We made ours from an easily washable polycotton, then added a zipped front pocket and knee-pad pockets for working comfortably on your hands and knees..
  • Fort Breckland Bodywarmer

    £20.79 +VAT
    Black Grey Navy Blue+1Show more
  • Warmth and freedom of movement come together in this smartly cut softshell bodywarmer.
  • This is workwear for a team that has to stay agile ? one that works in confined spaces or on sensitive equipment.
  • The bodywarmer also provides a snug extra layer for anyone who’s out in the bitterest weather..
  • Fort Camouflage Combat Trouser

    £18.59 +VAT
    Night Urban Urban Woodland+1Show more
  • Camo isn’t always about blending in.
  • Sure, these are absolutely the right trousers for stalking deer or spotting birds.
  • But they also say something about your attitude to life ? that it’s an adventure, and every moment should be fun.
  • Practical too, with drawcords in the hem and plenty of pockets..
  • Fort Carlton Bodywarmer

    £21.89 +VAT
    Black Grey Navy Blue+1Show more
  • Year-round outdoor layering begins with this high-necked quilted bodywarmer.
  • Great for early risers when there’s still a nip in the summer morning air; invaluable against snow and frost when worn as a cosy, air-trapping layer beneath a winter coat.
  • Three zipped pockets make it practical too..
  • Fort Childs Splashflex Bib & Brace

    £19.69 +VAT
    Green Navy Blue
  • Perfect for rainy days and jumping in puddles, our Splashflex Bib and Brace is made from super waterproof, windproof and tear resistant PU.
  • The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and the buckles are big enough for small hands.
  • Press stud adjustability at the chest and elasticated hems ensure a snug fit, while reflective detailing on the legs help your little one be seen.
  • Even if they are covered in mud!
  • Fort Combat Trouser

    £18.59 +VAT
    Black Green Navy Blue+1Show more
  • You may be outdoors all day, but your workwear should still say something about your professionalism.
  • That’s what you get from these easy-wear trousers with smart slanted side pockets and buttoned flaps.
  • They’re trousers for the days when you need to look right in a challenging environment..